5TH OF JULY                                                   SUPPORTING                        DIR: CAMILO VILA
GAME OF CHANCE                                        LEAD                                         DIR: DEBORAH PRATT
DRAG ME TO HELL                                       SUPPORTING                         DIR: SAM RAIMI
ORANGES                                                        SUPPORTING                         DIR: JOSEPH MERHI
ANNA NICOLE                                                SUPPORTING                         DIR: KEONI WAXMAN
RANCHERO                                                     SUPPORTING                         DIR: RICH KAPONES
IN PLAIN VIEW                                               LEAD                                          DIR: ORESTES MATACENA
BAD CITY BLUES                                           SUPPORTING                         DIR: MICHAEL STEVENS
MATTERS OF CONSEQUENCE                 SUPPORTING                         DIR: MORGAN HIGBY
A DEATH IN BETHANY                                 LEAD                                         DIR: DEVON WILLIAMS
FLY BOY                                                            SUPPORTING                         DIR: RICHARD STANLEY

SWITCHED AT BIRTH                                    GUEST STAR                          DIR: STEVE MINER
MISSION ROAD (PILOT)                               RECURRING                          DIR: JON CASSAR
NYPD BLUE                                                      GUEST STAR                          DIR: MATTHEW PENN
BECKER                                                             GUEST STAR                         DIR: ANDY ACKERMAN
HAUNTED                                                         GUEST STAR                         DIR: BRADFORD MAY
RESURRECTION BLVD.                                SERIES REGULAR               DIR: JESUS TREVINO/VARIOUS
ACCORDING TO JIM                                      CO-STAR                                DIR: BRIAN K. ROBERTS
THE PRETENDER                                          GUEST STAR                          DIR: IAN TOYNTON
BEVERLY HILLS 90210                                 RECURRING                          DIR: JASON PRIESTLY
SOLDIER OF FORTUNE                               RECURRING                          DIR: PETER BLOOMFIELD
WEIRD SCIENCE                                             RECURRING                          DIR: MAX TASH
REYES Y REY                                                    GUEST STAR                         DIR: SYLVIA MORALES
PROFILES                                                         GUEST STAR                         DIR: CLAUDIA WEILL


COCO                                                        SEVERAL VOICES            DISNEY / PIXAR
ELENA OF AVALOR                                       GUEST STAR                           DISNEY CHANNEL
*THE MARK OF ZORRO                              LEAD (w/Val Kilmer)            THEATER OF THE EAR
HANDY MANNY                                              GUEST STAR                            PLAYHOUSE DISNEY

LOS CAMPEONES de la LUCHA LIBRE  LEAD                                          FWAK! ANIMATION
KING OF THE HILL                                        GUEST STAR (various)        FOX TV
THE ELEPHANT’S BACK                             SERIES REGULAR                  DIR: GINNY MCSWAIN (Pilot)

**                                                         SERIES REGULAR                  LIVIER PRODUCTIONS, INC.
HAUNTING PASSIONS                                  SERIES REGULAR                   PLAYGROUNDS, INK!

DESTINY OF DESIRE                                               LEAD                             SOUTH COAST REP/THE GOODMAN
NEVA                                                                            LEAD                              KIRK DOUGLAS/SCR/LA JOLLA
JUST LIKE US                                                            LEAD                             DENVER THEATER CENTER (workshop)
LOST ANGELES                                                         LEAD                             PLAYGROUNDS, INK!
LATINOLOGUES                                                       LEAD                              ICON ENTERTAINMENT
A PERFECT WEDDING                                            LEAD                             KIRK DOUGLAS THEATER
LOVERS AND EXECUTIONERS                             LEAD                             SOUTH COAST REPERTORY
LA INDIAN QUEEN                                                   LEAD                              LONG BEACH OPERA
LA POSADA MAGICA                                               LEAD                              SOUTH COAST REPERTORY
BLACK BUTTERFLY                                                 LEAD                             MARK TAPER NWF
SEDUCTIONS OF JOHNNY DIEGO                     LEAD                             MARK TAPER NWF
A MIDSUMMER’S NIGHT DREAM                        LEAD                            EAST LA CLASSIC THEATER
HEDDA GABLER                                                       SUPPORTING            EAST LA CLASSIC THEATER
THREE SISTERS                                                        LEAD                             LA DIVERSIFIED
DE DONDE?                                                                LEAD                             FRIENDS & ARTISTS
DENTITY CRISIS                                                        LEAD                            FRIENDS & ARTISTS

*2012 GRAMMY Nominee/ 2012 AUDIE Nominee for Best Audio Drama.
**2010 IMAGEN Award Winner for Best Internet Series/2009 Cal State LA Reel Rasquache Winner for Best Webisode.

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